You are interested...

in learning SEO strategy to grow your YouTube subscribers and views.

You want to learn...

how to navigate the backend SEO for your YouTube channel. You want an easy to understand explanation.

You've heard of keywords...

but, you're not really sure how to use them for your YouTube video titles.


  • What is YouTube SEO?

    SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is used for YouTube channel keywords, video titles, and video descriptions.

  • Will SEO help to grow my YouTube channel?

    When you learn how to properly use SEO for your videos, it makes your content a lot easier to find. This means that you have a greater chance at connecting with your ideal subscriber. Ideal subscribers are more likely to binge watch your content. This will organically increase your views and watch time.

  • How long is this course?

    I know that your time is precious. I designed it so that you can take in small pieces of information at a time. The course all together is a few minutes short of (1) one hour. So please take the time to learn from your investment.

  • Is this course video or audio?

    The instruction is audio visual. This means you can follow along with the slides, or you can play me while you are doing other task. Similar to a podcast. The slides at the end are important to view, because they show you how to implement all that I teach in the course.

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